January 20th

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"If anyone is anxious to reach a destination, the roughness of the road will not make him change his mind. "

-- St. Gregory the Great




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The Divine Hours: Pray the Daily Office
A complete guide to the ancient practice of fixed-hour prayer




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Daily Devotions

Signpost Daily Devotions
Reflections on the words of scripture — how they apply to our lives and nourish our spirit

Faces of Faith

Faces of Faith
Stories of faith and spirituality in the lives of those who lived long ago and the examples of spiritual mentors in our midst today

Benedictine spirituality

Benedictine Spirituality
What can we learn about balance from a sixth century monk? This gathering of excerpts, quotes and essays on Benedictine spirituality points to ways practicing Benedict's Rule can lead to an authentic, faith-filled life.


Keeping Money in Balance
Strategies for managing your finances using a spiritual perspective

The Enneagram

The Enneagram
“What is your greatest obstacle to your deepest prayer?”  The answer often is--ourselves. Grappling with and understanding the patterns of our personality structure is crucial to our spiritual growth.  So, how can we get a clear picture of the patterns that block our spirituality?  


Gracious God, help me simply stop for a moment to pay attention to the beauty of creation all around me....

Throughout scripture we read of God communicating with people through their dreams.

When abundance shrinks from our lives or our souls feel depleted of joy, it may be that we are being offered an invitation to move toward a change.