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Why, How and When to Pray

Why, How and When to Pray

How Do I Pray?
What I believe first and foremost about prayer is that it is relationship with God, and that is the key factor.

Creating a Sacred Space
One way to reclaim [the] holy core that exists within us is to create a simple space where what is divine may be drawn out.

Doing Prayer
Prayer is—and should be—a mystery, the greatest mystery of all because in it you try to engage the God who is unknowable in ordinary conversation.

Centering Prayer
Contemplative practices are a place of connection among all religions and a potential source of wisdom for all people.

Celtic Prayer
Celtic prayer is at the heart of Celtic Spirituality. To pray these prayers coming from the Celtic lands of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales one is drawn into the mystery of God’s presence in all things and the joy of expressing that presence in a pattern of praise and blessing.

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer
An eight part series exploring the Lord's Prayer line by line

A World of Prayers
Belief divides the religions of the world, but prayer unites them. Across ages and cultures, prayers of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and even non-theistic Buddhists have been strikingly similar in form, substance, and intention.

Popular spiritual author Robert Benson has been writing books, leading retreats and workshops, and sharing his experiences of faith for more than 25 years. He’s a passionate guy about many things, but most of all we wanted to talk with him about praying with words.